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Aundrea: “Whenever I feel like i’m weak, I feel like you’re there for me or whatever and whenever you’re weak, i’m here to be strong for you…”

Aubrey: “I’ve been with you through everything and I don’t think i’ve ever had anyone in my life that’s been so opposite from me, but so perfect….you really are my best friend…”

It was easier just to screen shoot my tweet…uggh but for real tho! I’m not choosing sides cause I rep for my girl, I still love me some Dawn & Shan & DK as a whole.


Say it ain’t so, the ladies of Danity Kane are calling it quits… again.

Get the 411 on the drama —> http://bit.ly/1kOK01G



Danity Kane


LOVE my new @celebboutique dress! #DK3 #meetings


stage shows.

Aubs at Danity Kane’s DC Show; May 31st